Assignment 2 = devastation & destruction

My unit resembles one of the ugly step-sisters trying to squeeze into Cinderella’s shoe!

So we learn by making mistakes. A difficult and costly path to follow but one I have taken. I am notorious for having to do something wrong to get it right and I was true to form. In my enthusiasm in unlocking the world of ICT I have mistaken ICT-rich for ICT-saturation in my Year 6 science unit on Natural Disasters. Because I am personally on an exiting ICT learning/discovery journey I have therefore entirely focussed my unit on the students’ learning new ICT and completely left out the science content descriptors from my unit and how the ICT aligns to them and what the students are supposed to be learning. So, basically I had a unit on ICT and nothing on Natural Disasters ! I have also totally missed the point how ICT can be transforming for teachers, not just students.


HINDSIGHT. One word that is such a horrible experience but one that should be turned into a positive learning experience. Although right now I would rather chuck a temper tantrum and toss in the towel. The joys of finding information on the internet, finding too much and trying to mash it all into a size too small in the excitement and pride of demonstrating ‘hey look what I have learned’.  So after a chat with my kiddlywinks, I now aware that while all the wonderful ICT I implemented is new to ME, it is old news for THEM. They have already learned how to use these tools so I did not need to explicitly teach them or even focus on them, or use so many of them. HINDSIGHT.

I was so proud too to find several existing units online and learn from these ideas and make my own tweaks to what, I thought, was an engaging and educational unit. As I now try to fill in the missing content descriptors and match them up to learning experiences I am just realizing that they are not ‘alignable’ (yes marker, I think you’ve invented a new word). And another huge mistake was using a variety of science and geography units for reference – the subject areas do overlap and are complementary but I have used geography and literacy content descriptors to design my science activities. So after beating myself over the head and kicking myself in the butt,  *lightbulb moment* I finally understand what is meant by an integrated unit. In (unsuccessfully) trying to create a unit focussed on science descriptors I have actually designed an integrated literacy, geography and science (and ICT???) unit – and looking at these subject areas’ content descriptors, there is alignment.

So, not EVERYTHING in the classroom has to be complicatedly conducted as an assessment piece using ICT – there is nothing wrong with simple group or class discussions to achieve the same aim. The difficultly now lies in taking a step back, regrouping myself and my emotions (fear of failure) and march onto assignment 3. I would personally like to thank Barb (Messsenger) and other members of EDC3100 (Facebook) for their support!




5 thoughts on “Assignment 2 = devastation & destruction

  1. Oh my friend… seems so weird to be marked down for too much ICT on an ICT subject assessment! But your reflection makes sense too. I would love to see your unit and would be happy to share mine too, I feel like we can all learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. Onwards and upwards for Assignment 3!


    • I don’t think it was that I used too much ICT (although probably too much new ICT if I was going to explicitly teach 4-5 new programs in one unit then yes but I realize I should probably have stated that they have used these before so I didn’t need to teach them all). All my learning experiences were about teaching ICT (the first column for what students learn) and no mention of the content descriptors. Silly excitable me. But yes I would be happily ashamed to share my worst ever unit as yes peer reviewing is a way of learning. Will catch you on Facebook!


  2. Thank you Gnarly for a refreshingly funny blog about assignment 2. I too share your pain, as I am hopeless at unit plans. By the way any unit plans I have seen in the “real teaching world” have been collaborated on by a year level team. That’s right a team of people from the same grade work on unit plans together, so I am also determined to pick myself up and move on in the hope of producing an amazing website. Fingers crossed. Wishing you and me and anyone else out there on the verge of defeat, all the very best.


    • Thank you! True, for all my pracs so far the unit planning is done collaboratively by the cohort teachers. But there is always a chance of working at a small school where you are ‘it’ so on the positive side it is good experience (although I do prefer the learning from/with others approach myself). I almost quit my degree when faced with 2 subjects with ICT components and have delayed this course for the same reason, yet have found this course enjoyable and feel I have learned so much. Especially overcoming my fear of ICT! Guess I went overboard. Felt like quitting again after this unit but with the moral support of fellow peers am now determined to see it through. And this is that resilience factor (and seeking out support networks) we need to teach our future kids (another course I am studying at the moment). So many lessons! My own experience has me reflecting how we as teachers will be when faced with children who (like me in the unit) overcome their fears that impact their ability to learn only to become over-enthusiastic and off-task – do we encourage them in their interests so long as they are learning or drag them back to the reality of demonstrating their understanding of the curriculum assessment? Food for thought. So, your first prac with ‘big’ kids – I have the opposite being used to the ‘big’ kids and now a prac with preps. I am petrified to tell the truth! We should share our prac experiences through our blogs (as well as resources and tools!) during prac. And raise your glass and cheers to surviving the website. Best of luck to us all.


  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Hello, you tried so hard and I know you were so disappointed in your result. I’m glad to see some smiles in your blog and that you have made some important decisions about the direction you want to now take. B


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