The answer to my AAP query – thx Barb

Earlier I excitedly posted about a ‘new’ pedagody Age Appropriate Pedagogies that I ‘discovered’ in an online teachers forum but was unable to find any official documentation even though I joined the AAP group on facebook. Click on the link at the bottom and Barb has found where to find out the answers ! Now THIS is how blogging and networking SHOULD work! And I was able to link to her blog using the ‘share’ icon instead of having to screenshot, copy and post, it was all automatic including a link.

In 2 weeks, I begin my 4th Professional Experience. I’m going to Prep or Foundation, the very early years of learning. In light of that I decided to do some exploring about little people. Queensland Early Childhood Education and Care , is definitely worth a visit. Links galore and lots of information. Age appropriate pedagogies applies to […]

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2 thoughts on “The answer to my AAP query – thx Barb

  1. Hello Gnarly N,
    Wow! I’m so glad to see how this has helped you. Such as great resource. You are absolutely right, we have made a great connection and can see how our blogging and networking has become a success. Lets keep this up E.
    Barb 🙂

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  2. Thank you Gnarly and Barb

    Again a great insightful read and in time to set a great foundation before practicum.

    I have included a Tedx clip that I feel depicts the essence of the Foundation Paper.
    “From the abundance of theories and principles developed over time, the importance of three crucial elements has endured. These are that effective pedagogy is learner centred, involves the scaffolding of learning, and engages students actively in learning. To ensure quality teaching, these three elements need to be incorporated into any pedagogical framework that is generated at school level.” (Department of Education and Training, n.d., p.8).

    The 5 principles of effective teachers:
    • Believe in students, and they will succeed – Regardless of there background and current ability
    • Let students know you believe in them – That they can achieve great results despite how they see themselves.
    • Set an ambiguous goal for them – That goals need to be the everyday focus for the child, the family and educator. Invest in their lives.
    • Plan perposfully for success – You plan backwards to create an efficient path for success.
    • Believe in your team, set goals, invest in your team – you and your student will have to work hard together, and the results will come.
    “True leadership lies in guiding others to success. In ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing work they are pledged to do and doing it well” (Bill Owens) (Tedx, 2013).

    Department of Education and Training (n.d.). Foundation paper age-appropriate pedagogies for the early years of schooling, Retrieved September 24, from
    Tedx, (2013). The 5 principles of highly effective teachers: Pierre Pirard at TEDxGhent, Retrieved September 24, from

    Department of Education and Training (n.d.). Foundation paper age-appropriate pedagogies for the early years of schooling, Retrieved September 24, from


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