Planning and Preparing for Prac : ICT


Before this course I would not have considered one single item on this checklist – now it has become my mantra. OK so I won’t let ICT takeover my prac planning and it may not be possible for me to achieve all ten goals  but now my mind is aware and open to ICT whereas before it was closed and limited to using YouTube videos as an engaging lesson introduction. Credit goes to Teachthought blog (me before: blog meh, me now: blog yeah!). Again, before this course my mind was closed to blogging now I find myself turning to professional blogs for learning – not just the practical aspects of ICT tools and delivery but the theory and pedagogy of ICT in the classroom. Number 9 has been the successful challenge for me, all credit to this course and I aim to achieve all the others over my teaching career beginning with my very next prac.

digital citizenshipCredit  goes to World Economic Forum : 8 Digital Life Skills all children need – and a plan for teaching them. (Both of these popped up on my Facebook newsfeed from the group Digital Technologies and Computational Thinking – they came to me, I didn’t have to go looking. Another learning curve : how social media can be educational networks not just about funny cat videos and sarcastic memes). This article directly relates to last week’s lecture which has unlocked a whole new mindset and way of thinking about my roles and responsibilities as a teacher. My mind is afire with so many new concepts concerned with the 21st century, and prac/teaching is oh so much more than planning lessons and managing student behaviour. I feel so naïve about my concerns for undertaking prac in light of this whole new world that has been unlocked.




5 thoughts on “Planning and Preparing for Prac : ICT

  1. Hi Gnarly
    Each time I read your posts I resonate with the learning journey you are undertaking. I once thought blogging was just for those who want to speak louder that everybody else/bag them out because one person thinks differently, but now I realize it is for everybody to contribute and grow from. Thank you for sharing what you have found. M


    • Yes I too admit to having a biased and ignorant opinion of the whole blog thing prior to this course. Whilst I have been disappointed in the lack of interaction amongst blogs in this course I am amazed at how many blogs (or what I previously regarded as websites) I have discovered which have been so useful and informative and so much easier to read than academic journals. Whether the authors be practising teachers or professionals or sites dedicated to certain issues, the world of blogging has opened my eyes and my mind to how to resource up-to-date practical information for teaching. Blogging has proved to be much more relevant than peer reviewed journals from a practical point of view although they of course serve their purpose in the academic world.


  2. In just one more day I will be starting on my prac as well. My first week and your second! I love the checklist picture at the top of this post as it reminds me to ‘keep it real’ and simply focus on the art of teaching while enjoying all those amazing children with us. I hope that you’re enjoying your time with your Prep class and are getting a lot out of prac. The semester is nearly over and you can take a well deserved break soon.


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