Assignment 2

SAMRWhat did I change for assignment 2? Only ALL of the ICT !!! The unit itself is appropriate as I borrowed it from the internet (another learning curve : why re-invent the wheel when you are inexperienced and instead can learn from the tried-and-tested as posted by the experienced on the internet?)  I confess that as a digital immigrant I am still learning with the R & A of the RAT paradigm yet at a loss with the T stage. I am still ‘discovering’ how to use ICT for the RA and am aware that I am missing the (poin)T.  Google to the rescue! Want to Transform Learning? Then Choose Transformational Tools. The SAMR model is similar but having experienced examples is essential as a guide through the profusion of ICT and the plethora of ‘new’ concepts. So I borrowed the ICT examples provided.

I have used PowerPoint and MovieMaker once only for university assignments but it is all I know so used these in my original plan and have heard of mind maps and graphic organisers. Dear Bloom : remembering the ICT discovered so far on a journey is one thing, applying it is something different entirely!  OK so I may have been ‘lazy’ and copied these transformational ideas but it has helped my individual ICT learning considerably. Things I could not conceive on my own.

The Year 6 science unit : ‘Natural Disasters’ aka ‘sudden geological changes and extreme weather events can affect Earths surface. Working in mixed ability groups to maximise peer learning, students are assigned a ‘disaster’ and have three tasks/learning experiences to complete and post to the class blog where they can review each other’s work and learn about more than just one ‘disaster’ in a term.  For each task, groups create a mind map or graphic organiser as their formative assessment in addition to the end task assessment which is posted to the blog so they can follow their own progress as they learn and receive feedback from students and teacher. Each ICT was selected due to its compatibility across a range of devices. (I have been hung up on the equity issue of access, or lack thereof, to ICT devices at home and at schools and confused entirely by the range of different devices and have therefore ignored many an ICT. But this assignment has led me to the ‘discovery’ of using programs with device compatibility that can be used in any classroom regardless  of the ICT available. Ignorance – be gone, Mindset – evolve).

Lucidchart is the mindmap/graphic program used – it can be used collaboratively by more than one student at a time, working together from different computers/devices, no more having one student in ‘control’ while others stand around over a single computer.

Task 1 : students create a PowerPoint constructing the scientific facts of the ‘disaster’. This was changed to PowerPoint Online which allows students to be seated independently at their own computer yet still working collaboratively as a group. And teacher can provide private feedback a they work – the concept behind all ICT chosen for this unit.

Task 2 : students create an online book using Storybird (also with collaborative and feedback functions) to construct a case study of an real-life disaster event which ends with their analysing the consequences on humans (leading to task 3).

Task 3 : students apply their knowledge and transform it to create an authentic community awareness campaign in video format using WeVideo to inform the public how to prevent, minimise and survive the effects of their disaster. WeVideo also has a collaborative function and advanced features such as green screen and embedding stills and videos to maximise student creativity and critical thinking.

lightbulb ideas.PNGJust occurred to me – to make this unit entirely authentic,  their disasters should be chosen from the Australian context (cyclones, drought, floods, bushfires) and their campaigns could actually be shared on SOCIAL MEDIA when such a disaster does occur in real life, who knows it might help save lives! Until this very moment I have been extremely biased against using social media in the classroom. Now I see the potential.

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