A slight detour …

Digital Technologies 4 Primary. This just popped up on my newsfeed, and whilst this course doesn’t delve into digital technologies, it’s worth a peek especially the video on Digital Transformation. I have to confess to delaying this course, several times, specifically because it deals with ICT of which I have a high level of fear and frustration. My general incompetence with ICT has now bloomed into a fascination with ICT both in general and in education and has led to an addiction to digital technologies which I had hereto avoided. I have avoided it also because I can’t afford it nor can the local schools where I prac or may end up working. But this can change. Quickly. We could find ourselves teaching this in our first job!  (Watch the video).

With each online discovery I now scroll down to investigate the platform the website is based on which leads to an investigation to see if I can learn some new ICT (who is this person???). I never would have bothered before and feel like I have progressed significantly in my ICT mindset. So, getting back on point, this site uses the G Suite of which I have heard discussed in teacher forums. It is not free unfortunately but you may have heard of the free Google platforms – the Google Docs is one you will use as an online student collaborating in groups with other students from around Queensland (specifically the third year science course). What ‘newer’ alternatives are there for Wiki, Wix or Weebly (and why do they all start with “W” ???) that we could use for our third assignment? I am hoping to trial something ‘new’ to improve my mindset and skillset (who is this person???).

And while I was ‘quickly’ investigating this, I found the answer to another quandary – STEM. I could not understand why the teacher forums shared the STEM storage boxes STEMof toys and activities that apparently appeared to have nothing to do with the ‘traditional’ interpretation of STEM. This explains it! A NEW PEDAGOGY !!! I am so excited right now. I haven’t been able to find anything ‘official’ online so if anyone knows where I can find more information about this ‘new’ pedagogy – please share. It looks to be our future (watch the video).

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