To catch a RAT ….

RATFrustrating isn’t it when resources linked on study desk require you to pay or join some agency which you’d really rather not, or it’s in a book you can’t afford to buy and there’s no university campus nearby? In the mad dash of finishing assignment before deadline I found the actual paper on the RAT framework and this site also recommends other articles to help your understanding. I also found a BLOG (how exciting my first official professionally relevant¬†blog) Digital Literacy Blog, which provides further information on this framework, and oh so much more.

RAT blogWhile I find the framework easy to understand in theory, I have some difficulty in putting it into practice – especially when I am so addicted to the novelty of so many new software applications. These toys … er … tools are simple replacement and amplication of old pen-and-paper techniques but I think I need more playtime … er … experience with them to be able to explore and apply the transforming part of the framework. Something which I hope these resources will help me achieve along the windy road to ICT-land.

3 thoughts on “To catch a RAT ….

  1. Oh love, if only I’d started following your blogs sooner! I spent soooo much time searching and searching for either a reference or someones else’s point of view for both the RAT framework and the constructing and transforming stuff. Boy oh boy…super frustrating. And yet, I could have just looked at your blog and found what I needed!
    You sell yourself far too short, Desley. This ICT business may be mumbo jumbo to you, but you have proven yourself adaptable and resourceful – two skills that are incredibly important yet sadly lacking in modern society.
    I might just make you my ‘go to gal’ when I need info for this next assignment!!



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