Lost in (ICT) Space?

Mrs Treichler 's WikispaceLost in the plethora of software applications available? Instructional YouTube videos don’t provide you with enough information? Don’t have time to investigate the original website to gain an understanding of the basic concept and purpose of an app? Have absolutely no idea if the app you chose for your assignment can do what you THINK it can do? Then visit Mrs Trichler’s Wikispace ! Look to the menu on the left-hand side and click through the apps as she explains clearly for the beginning novice just some of those available (with a simple idiot’s guide to show you how they work too). There’s even helpful information about setting up your PLN and links to so many relevant ICT-in-education websites. Most importantly (for me) is the tips on how to use the ICT in transforming student learning! BAZINGA !!

4 thoughts on “Lost in (ICT) Space?

  1. I love the resources you have found and look forward to having a play with some of them as I work out what is required for my unit plan.

    I find the Blooms pyramid a great visual representation of ICT available to use with students. My next step is to find out what some of them do.


  2. I too am liking the bank of resources down the left hand side of Mrs T’s Wikispace. I had a mentor on one of my pracs that used Smart Notebook to present her entire day of learning. It was an amazingly efficient and organised way to present the days learning and compatible with IWB. A friend since has loaded it for me and I am already liking the manual as it will become my Smart Notebook for Dummies.


  3. Wow! What a good find, thank-you for sharing. I love the list of resources and can’t wait to have a play around with them. I’m sitting here nearing the end of the semester with a cup of coffee just pondering other’s blogs. It has truly amazed me at how many different resources there are out there on to support and enhance students learning through the use of digital technologies. Thanks again for sharing your find 🙂


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