Frustration, Freaking Out and Facing the Fear of Failure

cat on keyboardAfter days of frustration in simply setting up the blog then feeling successful at these accomplishments, the road takes a sudden dive downhill comparing my efforts to others whose blogs appear so professional. The frustration factor is further exacerbated by the purchase of a new computer with the ‘new’ Windows 10 – how much do we rely on visuals and habits and when things change and update we are knocked off course. If only someone would come and show me what I can’t do and point me in the right direction would save so much time and frustration. The lightbulb flashes and dings as I realize this is now the way of the 21st century – to be an effective user of digital technologies we need to be able to solve problems ourselves, there is no teacher or technician handy to help and it is up to ourselves to find the right path. And as teachers it will be our responsibility to teach these life-long skills to our future students.

No time like the present! Just how much do you really know about the basics of setting up and maintaining your own personal computer? Taking a little side trip into investigating how to protect my identity online I found this little gem Stay Smart Online that teaches me all I need to know. An article in the local newspaper led me to a FREE (my favourite four-letter word) course on Computer Security through the University of the Third Age (U3A) (check your local area and papers for what’s available near you). For two hours I was personally trained (for free) by an experienced professional, Anne Moffat,  who is an amazing role model and inspiring person and, who, at the age of 75 is still teaching teachers about ICT. Not to mention her ground-breaking experience in entering a male-dominated career (she even babysat the future inventor of the WWW/worldwide web!).THIS ONE old and new

Side Trip: if you know of anyone similar to Anne Moffat please share as I would like to compile a list of role models that have broken gender and age barriers for my future students to research.

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