Warning : Work-in-Progress

bloggingSo far this blogging experience has been painful …. two days later and I can finally figured out how to edit the default original post. Woohoo we have our first technological success! Now, our next method of torture will be how to add pictures and change the theme before attempting the all important blogging process.  I spent a frustrating 20 minutes clicking at the screen to get into the tutorial before employing the time-honoured process of logging out and in again to find ….. I had sound and icons and could participate in the tutorial. Two successes in one week, we are on a roll. I have had an annoying week with technology so am in an anti-ICT frame of mind at the moment – internet constantly dropping out, upgrade to Windows (eek different pictures really throw you off track), advertising sms waking me up in middle of night, bank locking me out as they introduce a new security system, optus smsing me that my details are now available to 3rd parties after changing their online password login which took me an hour to figure out (wow online chat solved problem instantly without being put on phone hold for 2 hours), and the experience of using a touchscreen computer at Centrelink (why when you have a keyboard? must be the latest fad in gadgets?).

escapeIt will be difficult to separate the personal, parenting and professional perspectives of technology so I hope being a passenger on my technology trip is not as painful for you as it is for me!  I almost quit uni with the science and literature courses involving new ICT but I survived and am better for the experience, so I am desperately grasping onto this as I tackle blogging. Ah the rocky road of learning starts on a pot-holed corrugated gravel track … can’t wait to get onto the smooth highway and test the speed limit! All aboard ……

2 thoughts on “Warning : Work-in-Progress

  1. I love your sense of humour! I recently sore your reply in the forums about my experiences with diggo. I am glad I got you interested. I guess its not for everyone. But I have found using it really helpful this semester. Hope you find it as useful. All the best. Maybe a possible reflection for you, could be about copyright. The moodle book on study-desk had some interesting information about copyright laws and licences, a little scary but really important as a teacher.


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